Currency Pair correlations with Gold

April 16, 2019





Gold and USD

During times of Economic Unrest, investors shows lack of interest in Dollar(USD). Hence, when gold goes up, USD falls.


Gold and AUD/USD

Australia is the third largest gold producer in the world, selling approx. $5Billion/year. So AUD/USD raises when gold goes up.


Gold and NZD/USD

New Zealand is also one of the biggest gold producer in the world. With gain in gold, NZD/USD also goes up.


Gold and USD/CHF

CHF raises when gold goes up as 25% of Switzerland's reserve are backed by gold and pair moves down.


Gold and USD/CAD

CAD raises when gold goes up as Canada is 5th largest producer of gold. Hence, when gold raises up, USDCAD goes down.


Gold and EUR/USD

Both Gold and Euro are ANTI_DOLLARS. If price of gold goes up then EUR/USD may go up as well.


Oil and USD/CAD

CAD raises when Oil goes up as Canada is one of the top Oil Producer that exports 2 Million Barrel/Day . USDCAD goes down with the rise in Oil.


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