Learn About Forex Demo Account

The demo account (or we can say DEMONSTRATE a/c) is actually a platform for demonstration of all your theoretical knowledge. We might have learnt numbers of patterns, charts, indicators and many more analytical tools. However, as a beginner or an experience Trader, one cannot apply all these theory directly on Real Account and risk all the money.

Thus, Demo Account is an interface/platform where the user gets the same feelings, emotions and practical knowledge that he is getting in real account. Our Team suggest all the beginners to start trading with Demo Account for few days and then switch to real account.

Why To Start With Demo Account?

If you are beginner, then its really important to start trading with demo account for the following reasons:

  • Demo Account doesn't involve real money.

  • Freely learn to place orders, follow the entry levels.

  • Demo Account provides equal opportunity to use all the indicators as that of real account.

  • May face and analyse the fundamentals of market without loosing any real money.

  • Its a good practice platform.

What NOT to do with Real Accounts?

Well, as demo account is really helpful for all your learning purposes but the following things should be noted before starting with your real account.

  • Capital Management. As demo account involves virtual money, traders makes an habit of trade with bigger lot size on real account also. Money Management is really important factor when you switch from demo a/c to real a/c.

  • Risk Analysis. When you trade with demo account you are in risk free zone as you have nothing to loose but with real account Risk Analysis is important part of trading.

  • Its really not necessary, if you are good in demo account then you will surely get good profits in real account. You may need expert Analysis or a good research team with good signals.

All the above qualities are being taken care in Equidious Research.

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Trading is an art of making handsome amount.

Enjoy Trading!

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