Equidious Research is a leading Stock, FOREX and COMEX market research house carrying out operations in the global stock and commodity and Forex market. 
We generate Intraday as well as Delivery Calls in Stock, Commodities and Forex signals on daily basis with high accuracy. 

Equidious Research provides recommendations Live through Whatsapp Messages & Calls. We provide signals without any loss of time, so the clients get sufficient time to execute their trades in order to fetch maximum Profits. 
We provide Advisory Services, Comprehensive Solution, Research Support and unique product to institutional client. Our research team will lead you to spot real opportunities of trading in all the segment of market. Our research team provides you the tools to succeed the right way.
Our strategy is centered on our client retention, effective planning can help us preserving client and also help us unlock opportunities for future generation.

Equidious Research is a trusted and well-known name in the financial advisory industry. We are leading advisory service provider in the world for stock, Forex and commodities.
We have an Expert Research Team who keeps an eye on every potential security to give the best earning chances to our customer. These analysts including CFAs, MBAs (Finance), CAs, Engineers and Analytical Experts who are skilled and impeccable in their analysis. These analysts, using their experience and latest software, are able to predict the movements in Equity/Commodity market in time and with a very high accuracy. As a result, using our tips, our clients gain the most out of the financial markets. Also we analyse the basic and fundamentals of the securities to enhance the gaining potential.

We don’t lie to our customer that we can double your money in a day or neither we make false promise of 95-100% accuracy. Because it’s just not possible in any security market in the world.We agree that after all the technical and fundamental analysis we can hit 75-85% accuracy. That’s a genuine figure and we work really hard to meet that.

We give all sort of best possible training to our business development executives like soft skills, knowledge related to market, market analysis and how to build customer relationship and sustain it for a long time. Subscribe us and forget your worries either it's a BULL MARKET OR BEAR MARKET. Just put your orders as per our advice and enjoy your profits!

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 We want all our customer to play safe and earn best profit in this volatile Forex and Comex market, this is only possible with the extensive fundamental and technical analysis as our team does. With the help of expert guidance, we are looking for the prosperity of both the customer as well as the organization.


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